05 November 2007

What Does Dark Chocolate Have to do With God?

My friend, Latif Gaba, posted an outstanding article on his blog last week, and you can read it by clicking on the title to this blog entry.

In short, if you have ever really enjoyed a dark chocolate tasting, you might have a bit of an idea about how to understand Sacramental theology.

Yes, you heard me right... dark chocolate as an analogue to the Eucharist may seem a bit strange... but if you read the article, I promise you that you'll understand. (Unless, you prefer milk chocolate, in which case, I am afraid that the article might not be of that much help to you at all.)

Editor's Note: In searching for an image for this post, I was unable to find a decent picture of an 80% cacao tasting square. Rest assured, dark chocolatiers (and theologians!), the more intense the experience, the better!


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