09 November 2007

Anglican-oriented Books for Sale

As some of you may know, I spent a few years in a Continuing Anglican Church body. As I have recieved an offer on my old house and I am moving into a smaller place, I am getting rid of a lot of my books. Most of them went to the local Half Price Books store, but I have a few that may be of special interest for those Anglophiles in the blogosphere.

1) The Altar Service Book for the 1892 Book of Common Prayer
This is a duplicate copy (I had mine rebound and will hang on to it), and it is in fair condition. Binding is a bit worn and the pages have browned a bit, but all the text is still legible. Someone tried adapting it to use as a 1928 Altar Book, but I removed all of their paste-in's (they are inside the front cover). Book was printed in either 1907 or 1917. Black and White text.

2) The Altar Service Book for the 1662 Book of Common Prayer
The binding has a bit missing, but the previous owner managed to cover it pretty well. Pages have darkened very, very slightly. This copy includes the Revised Lectionary from 1923. Black and Red die-printed. An excellent find.

3) The Book of Common Prayer 1979 (hand sized edition)
In fair condition. Black and White hardcover (red binding).

4) The Collects of Thomas Cranmer by Barbee and Zahl
Excellent condition, includes dust jacket. Meditations on the Sunday and Holy Day collects of the Book of Common Prayer.

5) The South African Rite and the 1928 Prayer Book by Hinchliff (Alcuin Club Phamphlet XVII). Paperback. Topic obvious.

6) Sermons Preached in Saint George's by Rainsford
Hardback collection of Sermons.

7) Notes on the Round Table Conference, Fulham, 1900 by Dimock.
Hardcover in good shape. Book is about the Ritualist Controversies. Specifically this book delves into the Doctrine of Holy Communion and its Rutual Expression.

8) Lambeth Conference 1948: Encyclical Letter from the Bishops together with Resolutions and Reports.
Paperback in fair condition.

9) The Renewal of Anglicanisim by McGrath
Paperback. A Hopeful Vision for the Renewal of Anglicanisim

10) The Life of Thomas Cranmer by Maaynard.
Hardcover with Dustjacket. Unique. Includes Catholic Nihil Obsthat and Imprumatur.

I will also soon have avaliable:

One blue chasuble and stole
One violet chasuble, stole, and maniple

If you have questions on any of these items, please contact me via e-mail.

All proceeds go into my funds to purchase new Eastern vestments.


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