16 September 2013

A new 1:1000 project

Well, I decided to take my old 1:1000 refit that I had experimented with last year and do some work on her. She isn't named at the moment, but she is a TOS/TMP hybrid.

This is a very ROUGH stage... revision.

12 September 2013

Plastic Surgery on a Starship

Some photos of my recent starship plastic surgery.

The short of it - the starboard pylon was sagging and the nacelle was canted inboard. I used sheet styrene and Plastistruct to brace it up and fill in the gaps.

Unfortunately, one of my kids seems to have gotten a hold of the camera, and several images are missing.

11 September 2013

Introducing the UES Constellation

Behold... she still needs fitting out, but she's been launched from the builder's yards.

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