30 June 2013

New Model Project - Star Fleet Cutter

Well, I have two new modeling projects on the bench. The first is the following cutter spacecraft. She's entirely scratchbuilt... can you guess what supplies I used?

18 June 2013

Detail of the United Earth Interstellar Confederation Logo from the Kongo Build

Because I figure folks might be curious, here is the artwork that JDecals reproduced for me for the side of the Kongo build. The center part of the emblem is taken from the spacesuit patch in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The graphic manipulation was done by Masao Okazaki.

17 June 2013

Modeling Project - UES KONGO

This is the Polar Lights 1:1000 Constitution class kit. I had originally intended to paint her in Motion Picture era colours, but my test was a disaster and I shot her with Testors gloss silver instead. The bussard collectors are Tamiya clear orange with a hint of clear red mized in. Most of the dark gray decals are Tamiya metallic gray.

Decal-wise, the windows (which I admittedly went a bit crazy with on the lower saucer) are from the kit, as are several of the greeblie detail decals.

The energized warp coils, is from the JTGraphics kitbashers set, and the impulse engine is a combo of one of his decals and one from the kit. The gangway hatches also came from his sheet, as did the subspace antennae (triangles on the bottom saucer) and the pylon vents.

JDecals provided the custom pennants, registry numbers, and name, as well as the United Earth Interstellar Confederation 'meatball' logo just aft of the bridge dome.

Now, just to be a jerk... I didn't use a single drop of decal set... most all of the decals, and most especially JDecals' custom ones, went down utterly smooth as silk.

She still needs two more shots of clear coat and then she'll be done.

Enjoy the pics...

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