06 November 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 - Guh!

Well, I just got a new laptop computer. I have been without one for over a year, and have been looking forward to getting one for some time. I find laptops to be far more comfortable for me than desktop units. It's a nice enough unit, and I am starting to get used to the Windows Vista interface, but...

I'd like to have a conversation with the programming genius at Microsoft who (re)developed the Microsoft Office platform - specifically Microsoft Word 2007.

Let me tell you, I am going to have to entirely re-learn MS Word from the ground up. To make matters worse, many fonts that were native to Word in the past are now totally gone - meaning that an extremely long Liturgy Book I had been busy editing now needs to be entirely reformatted to take a new series of fonts into account.

I have never been so displeased with a word processing application in my life.

It's been a decade since I last used Corel WordPerfect with any regularity... but I just might look into it again now. I may not be a computer programmer, but I have never felt stupid when using a computer before. Tonight, I throw up my hands in disgust and admit it... right now, MS Word 2007 owns me.


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