05 November 2007

Fire on the Altar

Three posts today, three title links. Hrm...

Anyway, on Saturday morning a fire was set on the Altar of Immaculate Conception Parish in Auburn, Indiana, following a break in where several offices and classrooms were pillaged. An undisclosed amount of money was also taken.

The interesting thing is that this is not being investigated as a hate crime.

Artificial plants were covered with an accelerant, set on the Altar, and lit on fire... and its not at least a candidate for investigation as a hate crime?


Mar Michael Abportus November 6, 2007 at 12:47 AM  

Of course it's not a hate crime. Christians only cause hate crimes, and since we are so hateful we get what we deserve (tongue in cheek of cours). Hate crimes are defined by the press, and only against their pet groups. Of course the whole concept of hate crimes needs to be removed from the books. After all, aren't all crimes (except maybe traffic violations) hate crimes?

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