05 November 2007

Creation Museum Drawing Large Crowds

My thanks to Bishop Chuck Huckaby for forwarding me a link to a story in USA Today (click on the post title to view the article) on the overwhelming success of the new Creation Museum near Cincinatti, Ohio.

Kristen and I had the chance to visit the facility back in late August, and we really enjoyed ourselves. The only real complaint I have is that the planners underestimated the popularity of the facility and thus the path through the exhibits is far too tight. My suggestion: go early (and, if possible, on a weekday), see the entire museum first, then go to the not-to-be-missed planetarium show.
I'm not much of a museum/exhibit person, so I don't know that Kristen and I would ever tour the entire museum again (well, not before we have kids, anyway), but I would go back for the Planetarium show and the gift shop.

The Creation Museum is run by Ken Ham's "Answers in Genesis" ministry, an Evangelical Protestant group dedicated to "defending the Bible from the very first verse." The museum, thankfully, shows little Evangelical bias (save for the blurb about the Reformation in the tour). Their most recent edition of "Creation" magazine, however, had about as much to do with the Reformation as it did with Creationisim.

Just a side note to the editors of "Creation"... Catholics (yes, even Primitive Catholics!) and Orthodox Christians believe in a literal six-day creation too! Perhaps you might want to tone down some of the Protestant rhetoric in your articles. I would wager that if we compared the ancient Church to both Catholic/Orthodox and Protestant worlds, the former would come closer to the theology of the ancient Church than the latter.


Admin November 5, 2007 at 11:03 AM  

As I recall, the part about the Reformation was in the section of the museum on scripture.

Sadly I don't recall any recent pronouncements from Rome or Constantinople defending 6 day creationism. Did I miss something?


Father Robert Lyons November 5, 2007 at 11:33 AM  


Your memory may be better than mine. I recall seeing a life-sized Martin Luther posting his theses to the door of the Castle Church in the exhibit, talking about how he called the Church back to the Bible.

Pope Benedict recently said something... nothing really earthshattering, but:

The following OrthodoxWiki article has a good list of links, classified by "compatiable" and "incompatiable" (i.e., if evolution is a compatible belief for Orthodox Christians).

The key statement for them, though, is that since there has been no Ecumenical Council since Evolutionisim was developed, the Orthodox Church has no particular way of addressing it. It is one example of the flaw in the Conciliar system (though I still maintain it is better than many of the alternatives!).


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