26 August 2009

What are you doing?

I suppose it was inevitable. The question "What are you doing?" was finally brought up concerning my recent postings about the Diocese of Saint Andrew. So, to clear a few things up...

The Diocese of Saint Andrew is the formally adopted name for the episcopate of my bishop, +Chuck Huckaby of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. For some time, I served under him on my own, but as more clergy and postulants have drawn to his vision of ministry, it became appropriate to consider a more formal structure for those interactions. The past several months have been filled with preparing the path for formally launching our diocese for the benefit of the Church and the People of God.

Some will note that there seems to be something of a distinctly Protestant touch to the website, and might question my article on that site about being both Catholic and Protestant. I think the article speaks well for itself. I stand for the truth, the singular truth, which Christ has revealed to his people through Scripture in the Church.

Others might ask, "what about your primitive convictions?" Indeed, it has been a year filled with deep prayer on these matters. My identification as a Primitive Catholic remains strong, and I believe it is the most accurate way to describe my faith and the faith which I preach; but as several very difficult attempts to generate a 'critical mass' of Primitive Catholics found themselves torn apart very quickly, my spirit became convicted that this was not the right time to continue pursuing such an ideal. My bishop is a kind and caring servant, and he knows the convictions of my heart. He has never forced me to abandon them, and has been more than accommodating to my Primitivist views. I am certain that he will continue to be so.

And thus, it is with a mix of regret and excitement, that I move to fully embrace the work that the Diocese of Saint Andrew has embarked upon.

Please keep me in your prayers!


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