25 August 2009

The Quiet of Late

I've had a few e-mails wondering about my quietitude of late. It stems from a recent vacation to Traverse City, Michigan and the preparations requisite to welcome a little one into the world; but it also relates to some exciting developments in the Synod of Saint Timothy.

The Diocese of Saint Andrew (which is a part of the Synod) has completed its work of revising the Book of Common Prayer in contemporary English, and the results have been published for interim use over the next three years. The new edition of the Book of Common Prayer can be purchased through a link at our diocesan website.

Speaking of diocesan websites, the Diocese of Saint Andrew now has its own website at www.dioceseofsaintandrew.org. It is in the building phases now, but some content has been uploaded. It's been a busy few months as we have prepared the 'full court press' for our diocese, but it is my hope and prayer that what we have set forth will be a blessing to church planters who hold to the ancient, orthodox Christian faith.

Finally, a small core group is coming together in the Indianapolis metro area in prayerful contemplation of formally moving forward with a new Church plant in the near future.

Please keep Kristen, Clare and I in your prayers.


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