03 September 2008

The Jury is still out on Google Chrome

So, like millions of other computer users, I hopped over to Google yesterday evening to download Chrome, their new web browser.  I am going to reserve my final verdict for a more complete form of the browser, because it is obvious they have more work to do.

While Chrome's interface is user-friendly, and the system isn't much of a resource hog (compared with Internet Explorer, that is), I have had a lot of problems getting pages to load... even pages on Google.  Several times I have started opening pages with Chrome, only to have them bog down.  For comparison, I went and opened IE7, and they almost always loaded faster.  

Some pages would load without their proper frames and others would load without pictures.  I have had trouble with common sites like Wikipedia and CNN, and with obscure ones, like JesusManifesto.com

So, I'll keep it around, update when the final version comes out... and continue to evaluate it.  We shall, indeed, see...


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