27 August 2008

Country First? Excuse me... what about God?

Just in case you thought this was a biased website with a axe to grind against the Democrats, well, you were wrong.

The Republican National Convention begins next week. The theme? Country First.


I thought the Republican Party was the party of faith, family, and freedom. Somehow, they seemed to miss this when planning their big party up in Minnesota. What the Republicans are positing to the American public is the notion that duty to the nation trumps anything else. Oh, I am sure they won't admit it, they may even vehemently deny it, but their own words (and logos) speak against them.

It now boggles my mind even further when I try to figure out why Christians even bother to associate with the Republican party. Aside from their pro-life stance, the Democratic party has cornered the market on the compassion side of policy in Washington. So, please, remind me again, fellow Christians, why we should be staining our hands with this hipocracy?

Sure, I suppose this comes across to many as extremist nut-jobbery... but at least I am not alone. I encourage you, if you are considering abstaining from voting, to read this article by Mark Van Steenwyk at JesusManifesto.com. You may not agree, but you will find it through provoking.


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