15 July 2008


No, not human organs (though I have been known to blog on said subject). Today I am taking a moment out to write about my intensifying distaste for organs in liturgical worship.

I used to love the organ. Nothing quite got me going like "Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the Holy Anthem Rise" on Pascha. I can think of setting after setting of the Gloria in excelsis that I loved on organ (Old Scottish Chant, anyone!). I never had anything against other instruments, I just loved the organ.

As I have grown older, though, I have found the 'organ experience' to be less than satisfying. It is rare that I can hear anyone singing over the organ, and more often than not (in my experience!) organists in the Church tend to dominate the assembly, choir, and other instruments - even when they are amplified.

In contrast, I have come to a strong love of piano and guitar in liturgical worship, as well as woodwinds. I'm still not much a fan of drums, but there is something about gentle, reflective music and joyful bursts of praise with such, well... such noble instruments.

Certainly guitars and pianos and such can be overdone (and over-amplified), but if I ever have to hear the Gloria in excelsis sung like a funeral dirge again, it will be way too soon.


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