03 January 2008

Update 1: Iconography Project for Early 2008

NOTE: You may click on all the images in this post for a higher resolution view.

Well, its been a few days, and I have finished prepping my icon's surface and have completed the outline of the image.

As noted in my previous post, this is an icon of Coptic Origin with some influence from the Rabulla school of Iconograpy. My medium for this project is acrylics.

The base of the icon took several coats and cures of 'Heaven Blue' paint.

This afternoon, I completed the outline of the figure of Christ.

You will note that the nimbus (halo) is not fully present, as that will be the final addition to the icon. There are also some mis-strokes with my outline pencil that will disappear when the icon is completed. Since this image will depict Christ reaching his hands out to all on earth who seek him, I will later add grass and other backgrounds. When completed, I will gold leaf the outside border in the blue area and will use the same procedure with the nimbus.


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