31 January 2008

I Wish I Liked Vegetables

I'm going to admit that if I had to fend for myself food-wise, I'd be dead. I couldn't kill an animal and eat it myself, no matter how tasty it might be. I'm content to let individuals who work in slaughterhouses do that for me. For years we've been told about how humanely they do their work, and I am sure that most of them, indeed, do so.

But, as the old saying goes, there's always one. This time around, its a slaughterhouse in California (story at this link on CNN.com) that has taken some decidedly inhumane steps to get their animals to stand up for their own deaths. Oh, and these burgers are headed to a school lunch near you (and nearer to your kids).

One individual at CNN's website commented that we had better start growing soybeans if we can't treat animals better. Anoter noted that if animals were to be raised for food they deserved wide open spaces and a quick death.
In the past year, I have tried several soy-based replacements for chicken and beef, both of them tolerable (well, generally speaking - there are always exceptions), and I'll say that if someone can get them to taste a bit better, I might consider a wider switch. Unfortunately, I am not much of a fan of most vegetables and fruits...

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that it is immoral to eat meat. God gave Noah permission to do so (see Genesis 9: 1-4), Jesus did so, the apostles did so, and so have many holy men and women throughout the generations. But we have to remember something; carnivorisim is -biblically speaking- a concession to the sin-scarred nature of the world. Bad enough that we got to this point, but the least we can do is kill animals humanely so that we don't compound our sins.


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