02 February 2010

Saint Boniface Logo Complete

As we move closer to the first public information meeting for St. Boniface Church, our logos came in today from our graphic designer. All I can say is "WOW!"

The image was designed based on our responses to ten questions from Gange and Associates in Ontario. In short, we told them we wanted something that illustrated the use of the Word of God and the Means of Grace so central to our worship life and to the ancient nature of our beliefs and practices that also illustrated our commitment to bringing those traditions to bear in a contemporary mission field. This was the result... The Cross of Christ as the Source, the Waters of Baptism and the Cup of Communion illustrating our faithful usage of the Sacraments, and the Word of God giving rock-solid proof to and hope for believers.

Our new website went live as well... www.primitivecatholic.org points to it, as does www.sbcjc.org. Check 'em out!


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