15 May 2008

Brendan of Ardfert and Clonfert

Presbyter and Monk

Brendan of Ardfert and Clonfert is better known by his popular title “the Navigator”. Brendan, was the son of a noble family, but elected to give his life to God through service to the Church as a monk and a presbyter. Together with a group of monks, Brendan set out to share the Gospel message far and wide, and a traditional tale of his journey out into the Atlantic was told for centuries. These tales were generally believed to be fanciful legend, that is until Celtic Ogam writings were discovered in various parts of North America. These Ogams include very clear and direct statements about Christ and Mary. A tale, once thought legend, now has much more credibility. It is entirely possible Brendan and his band of monks were the first from the European continent to visit North America. Upon his return from his voyage of seven years, Brendan founded more monasteries and may have been consecrated as a bishop (though the evidence to support this is spotty). Brendan died peacefully in the year 577.

Prayer of the Day
God of land and sea,
you endowed your servant Brendan
with a bold and adventurous spirit,
to occupy himself for your business on the great waters,
and revealed to him your wonders in the deep.
Make us,
who recall with thanksgiving his life and ministry,
zealous to be pioneers and pilgrims for the faith.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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