09 February 2008

Saint Maron of Mount Lebanon

Today the Church commemorations Saint Maron of Mount Lebanon.
All that is known about Maron, the spiritual father and protector of the movement that came to bear his name comes from Theodoret, the bishop of Cyr. In approximately 444, Theodoret undertook the project of writing a religious history. Theodoret never knew Maron personally, but he spoke with many disciples of his. He described Maron as "the one who has planted for God the garden which flourishes now in the region of Cyr."

He felt that Maron was a man born not for this world, but for heaven. In his description of the beginning of Maron's life, Theodoret assests that Maron had "already increased the number of saints in heaven."

According to history, Maron was never satisfied with the ordinary practices of asceticism, but was "always seeking for new ways to accumulate all the treasures of wisdom." Maron was the spiritual leader not only of the hermits who lived near him, but of all the Christian faithful in the area. He used to counsel them, heal their bodily and spiritual ills. All of these apostolic endeavors manifested wisdom and holiness of the hermit Maron.
His date of death us unknown, but is generally placed between the years 407 and 423.
Prayer of the Day
Lord, you appointed your priest, Maron, as a spiritual father and shepherd to a portion of your flock. You supported him with your grace and led him in your truth. Grant that we, co celebrate his memory today, may hold fast to the faith he confessed. To you, O Lord, be glory forever. Amen.


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